• Jazz #10 watercolor on paper 40×40

  • Essential Nature #14 Mixed Media on Panel 96×36

  • Water #1 Mixed Media on Panel 24×60

  • Jazz #9 Watercolor on Paper 22×30

  • Surfaces #24. Mixed Media on Panel 36x 60. 2018

  • Abstraction #1 Maya Watercolor on Paper 26×40

  • Personal Universe #9 Mixed Media on Panel 24×36

  • Jazz #3 Watercolor on Paper 41×29

  • Essential Nature #11 Mixed Media on Panel 24×48

  • Personal Universe #9 Mixed Media on Panel 24×36

  • Jazz Mural 4ft x 38 ft acrylic on plywood


  • Murals and Public Art
  • Collage
  • Watercolors
  • Mixed Media
  • Monotypes
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About the Artist

Richard Bolingbroke was born in Southsea, England in 1952, and grew up in the south of England. He had little art education, and rather than studying at a small regional art school, he chose to study Geography at London University, obtaining a BSc in 1973

He traveled to India in 1976, and lived there for five years on a life-defining spiritual journey. This search for meaning in life has defined his artistic exploration.   After living in Amsterdam for a year he moved to the US in 1981 arriving in Boston on Thanksgiving Day, which has become his personal favorite holiday to celebrate.

Having lived in the North Shore of Boston, MA, eastern Oregon, and  Phoenix, AZ when he came to San Francisco in June 1986 to visit friends, he finally found a climate and culture that supportive and comfortable.

Early on, after becoming absorbed in the work of Matisse he found that color was the motivating force in his work. He has worked primarily in watercolor initially creating majestic floral still-lifes.  More recently investigations of pattern and color have resulted in complex watercolor images using Japanese kimonos and various personal objects from his studio. This work developed into the series Rituals and Meditations, which has continued his keen observation of nature.

However after 20 years of this being his main medium, he started exploring abstraction with monotype, and cut-paper collage. This allowed for an expanded vision and a wider range of subject matter. A commission in 2016 from Google to create two large pieces for a new downtown San Francisco office space facilitated his creation of a method of working.

This method employed his own digital photographs, which he manipulated and collaged into large black and white images, are then laser-etched onto wood panels.  These panels are then hand-colored with graphite, charcoal and pastel. After fixing and glazing them the final image is an abstract and tactile vision of the world around us, through man-made and natural pattern.

A selection of work from the series of watercolors from Rituals and Meditations toured museums in the U.S. from 2005 – 2008



Fine Art • San Francisco

Studio visits by appointment
Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101, Studio 1508

415-863-5654 home and landline
415-640-1273 cell

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